Can you still hear the bells?

Last weekend we bundled up Chase in his PJ’s and headed to the North Pole for a visit with Santa on the Hartford, VT Polar Express. This fundraiser for the Rotary Club of White River has quickly become a holiday tradition with Chase and is nothing short of a magical experience. Chase is a big fan of trains so even without all the holiday trimmings, this day is pretty amazing for him anyway. From the moment you board your train car all decked out for the holidays you are quickly transported into Chris Van Allsburg’s delightful story of a boy on the verge on belief in Santa …. The Polar Express.

Shortly after the train got moving a conductor stops by to make sure everyone has their tickets and punches them much to the delight of the children (what kid doesn’t love the magic of a hole punch and the flying confetti?!). We are then treated to the perfectly warmed hot chocolate and some of the most delicious sugar cookies I have ever encountered!

Before we know it, we have arrived in the North Pole where Santa Claus boards the train and delivers each child the first gift of Christmas. The happy squeals of children as Santa enters the train car help serve as a reminder of the magic this season really holds.

After a round of Christmas carols and delivery of the coveted peppermint candies Chase looks forward to each year, we arrive back at the Hartford train station with a little extra belief in our hearts.

Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can't see. - The Polar Express